Ulla Uller – Method description for using Mastercare

The Swedish Back Care System

Method description for using Mastercare – The Swedish Back Care System as a treatment method within physical therapy.
Registered physical therapist, Ulla Uller

Treatment Principle
Pressure free, active movements in a 15 or 30 degree inversion angle.

1. General Treatment

  • Follow the enclosed training program.
  • Instruct the patient to gently and methodically implement the program.
  • Should discomfort occur from having the head below the horizontal plane, instruct the patient to take a short rest in the horizontal position

2. Treatment of Limited Movement Neck Problem

  • Choose: with or without preparatory treatment.
  • Start by giving the patient a gentle traction in the horizontal position.
  • Let the patient perform painless stretch/relax exercises in all directions.
  • Lower to the 15 degree inversion angle.
  • Apply a gentle traction.
  • Let the patient perform an active program for increased mobility, co-ordination, stamina and strength.
  • If needed, guide with your hands.
  • Help the patient with mild stretching.
  • Return to horizontal position, and let the patient do a few active movements, in order to prepare the body for the normal load of gravity.
  • Instruct the patient to keep the knees slightly bent upon return to vertical position
  • Similar methods are used when treating limitation of movement, co-ordination. Strength and stamina in shoulders, upper/lower back, and hips.
  • An un-loaded ”walk” at the 15-degree inclination is a very effective an gentle mobilization treatment for the lower back.
  • I have successfully treated knee-joint problems, as well as chondro-malaci.
  • Mastercare is a natural part of any training facility, be it MTT, Sequence training or other types of bodybuilding .
  • Mastercare is a self-treatment method for homes and work-places.
  • It shortens and renders the rehabilitation time more effective at the physical therapist’s clinic, and eases the stress on both the physical therapist and the waiting list.
  • I have achieved treatment results in a couple of sessions, where I previously had to spend ten to fifteen sessions.
  • The patient very quickly becomes inspired to self-treatment, which extends the problem-free periods in chronic conditions, and encourages training motivation.

Henån, January 26, 1993.
Ulla Uller

Ergonom, Reg. P.T., O.M.T.
Authorized by the Swedish Association of Licensedand modalities used in the area of movement and supporting body parts.

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